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crosslink achieved. just use html tags to skip between campaigns.

We can move between our wikis this way to expand on the information; we just have to keep in communication in order to maintain consistency. For example, if Matt doesn’t have time to write anything about Kelvin, he could link to Jamie’s page about Verbonum.

START HERE: For the benefit of newcomers, here is a general overview of Traladara, a.k.a. Karameikos.

Here is a List of pages on the geography of Traladara and its evolving political situation, detailing major trade routes, settlements and such; it is hosted on the Verbonum wiki.

Nathan has created a wide variety of stock NPC stats for ease of use on the Rebels page.

House Rules – Here’s an ongoing list of house rules for Mystara.

As far as maps go, we will probably just have to upload scans of our maps to a host site and link out to them from wiki pages for each region.

Let’s start with the arrival of Duke Stefan

maybe a little ancient history

Something about the town of Porog is probably in order here, along with something about Staroi Vatresz, Castle Mistamere, the Tarnskeep, Zamok Antilov, and the Vatresz Valley.

On the Verbonum wiki there are a number of geographical entries, porting info from gaz1 and such. Much of that can be duplicated here… about Traladara, for example.

The introductory text and wiki programming information provided by Obsidian has been moved to the new wiki guide page.

Main Page

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