This is the new home page for the Tom Moldvay Memorial Library’s ongoing Mystara campaign set in AC 979, in the days of Duke Stefan Karameikos’ consolidation of power in the region of Traladara.

This is a first attempt to experiment with the Obsidian Portal Wiki system.

Developing the wiki is the next step.

After some playing around, it does indeed seem best for each dm to create their own page. We can crosslink to each other’s campaigns by using html tags to increase internal consistency; that way we can all contribute to the overall knowledge base, but each dm can keep their secrets secret.

Although I started this off as the page for Porog, I’m not sure yet how to transfer DMship to Matt; when he wants to put his stuff up, he should probably start a new page and we will transfer whatever info we have here at that time.

*It seems they have added a feature labeled “promote to gm”; Matt, whenever you log on I can hand over the reins of the porog page and we can get on with fleshing out our mutually overlapping world!

Matt, you are now the GM of the Porog page… it is now yours to do with as you see fit.

With only the free version of this, we get 2 campaigns as DM per login i.d., 1 map per campaign.

Mystara: Porog

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